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Bite prevention mask for dogs

Bite prevention mask for dogs

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Product attributes:

Product category: Mouth cover

Material: Plastic

#1: adjustment range: 18cm~21cm mouth cover depth: 7.5cm, suitable for small dogs, bearers, Schnauzer poodles, 15kg

#2: adjustment range: 21cm-26cm, with a mouth cover depth of 9cm, suitable for small size Canine Mecca Whitbit 10kg

#3: adjustment range: 26cm-30cm, mouth cover depth: 10.5cm, suitable for small and medium-sized dogs, border dogs, and puppies

#4: adjustment range: 30cm-34cm, mouth cover depth 11cm, suitable for medium to large horse dogs, Samye Small Doberman

#5: adjustment range: 34cm-37cm, mouth cover depth: 12cm, suitable for large dogs, golden haired Cabrador wolf dog, Durbin

#6: adjustment range: 38cm-43cm, mouth cover depth 14.5cm, suitable for the giant standard Rowena Great White Bear Stafford


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