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Catnip ball for cats

Catnip ball for cats

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Material: catnip
Size: the diameter of the mint ball is 3cm
Suitable for: all pet cats
Function: toys for cleaning cat molar teeth

1.Natural and Non-toxic: Cat grass balls are made with pure natural plant extracts, without chemical additives contained.

2.Practical design: the cat toy can easily stick to the wall or other surfaces with strong viscous force, no fall when your kitten licks and plays. The balls are swivel 360 ° when they are licked.

3.Keep cats entertained: Catmint and silvervine are effective attractants for lounging Cats up and moving. Catnip can help cats reduce anxiety.

4.Tooth cleaning: Cat grass could effectively reduce cat dental plaque and tartar, refresh breath and improve oral health for your kittens.

Package Included:
1 x catnip balls

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