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Pet carpet

Pet carpet

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Bullet Points:

1.Thoughtful Design: With the help of our simulated cat hunting toy, your cat will have endless fun. Your cat buddy will be occupied and active with it. By giving them a constructive way to release their energy, it also keeps them from scuffing up your couch or disturbing you at night.

2.Soft and Protected: Made of soft and comfortable cotton material, our hand-stitched simulated cat hunting toy is both safe and skin-friendly for cats and puppies. It ensures more hours of happy playtime while also protecting their skin from friction and injury during the game.

3.Excellent Size: Ultimate Fun for All Cats: At 70x70cm, our cat hunting toy provides the perfect size for feline exploration. It's suitable for both kittens and adult cats, making it an ideal addition to any household. Watch your cat enjoy hours of playtime and excitement.

4.Easy Cleaning: This simulated cat hunting toy is designed to be machine washable or hand washable, making cleaning a breeze. Spend more time entertaining your cat with this hygienic and hassle-free toy.

5.Feline Fun Anywhere: Keep your furry friends entertained with this multi-functional toy that serves as both a comfortable cat mat and an exciting hunting toy. Suitable for cat cages, boxes, beds, cars, and more, the durable design ensures hours of fun for your feline friend in any scenario.


Name: simulated cat hunting toy

Product size: about 70x70cm/27.56x27.56 inches

Material: cloth

Packing List:

1pc of simulated cat hunting toy

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